Windows 10 tips and trick

Do your Task Faster with These Windows 10 Tips and Tricks

Windows 10 tips and trick
Windows 10 tips and trick

If you want to improve the speed in doing your computing task, all you need is Windows 10 tips and tricks. Knowing the secret tips on using this operating system will boost your performance. To be honest, there are many simple tips but useful you can try. Here we list down some of them.

  • Adjust the startup program.

Every time you boots up your computer, some program may delay the ability to use the system. But, you can seize control the program that you will launch with Windows. Just press Ctrl + Shift + Esc. By doing this, you you need to open the program manually.

  • Customize the task bar.

Let me tell you a little secret. You can launch any program faster if you pin it on your taskbar. So, you just need to pin any important program. Just right-click on a program and choose Pin to Taskbar. Unfortunately, you cannot pin folder to it. Just pin the specific files.

  • Keyboard shortcut.

Using keyboard shortcut is proven can speed up your job. Here are the most useful shortcuts you must try.

Ctrl + X: Cut

Crtl + C: Copy

Crtl + V: Paste

Alt + Tab: Cycle through open programs

Crtl + Z: Undo last action

Win + Tab: See all open program on a per-monitor basis, summon Windows Timeline

Windows + E: Open File Explorer

Windows key: Open search

Windows + I: open Windows Setting

F5: refresh active windows

  • Shut down all windows.

Actually, Windows provides some methods to clear the desktop. First, you can click and hold the program tittle bar. This way, Windows will minimize the taskbar. Besides, you also can press Windos + Home. Alternatively, you can press Windows + D.

  • Jump List.

When you have pinned the most frequently used of program, you will be able to use jump lists. You can right-click any program on taskbar. Then, it will show you the most recent files you have just opened in a pop up. this feature is very useful since you do not need to open Windows File Explorer to search for any program you just use.

  • Create your own Shortcut.

Windows allows its users to create custom shortcuts. This way, you can open the program you like very quickly. To do this tips, you should right click an app then choose Create Shortcut. Then, right-click the shortcut then choose Properties. After that, select Shortcut tab and click Shortcut key. Windows will show Ctrl + Alt + (the keyyou choose) to open this app.

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