Practical Tips to Buy a Perfect Laptop

tips to buy a laptop
tips to buy a laptop

Laptop is compact enough to carry wherever you go. It also can run many applications. This device can help you for working. You can even use it for gaming or watching some entertainment. There are some factors you must consider before buying a laptop. You should think about features, price, performance, and size.

This makes choosing the best laptop can be very challenging. But, the quick and simple tips below will help you to determine the best laptop for your need. First, think about the size. Besides, you also consider about its battery. If you need something practical, considering to but 2in1 laptop is wise.

Here are some essential tips to select the best laptop.

  • Select the Operating System.

Most laptops use one of three OS: MacOS, Windows, and Chrome OS. You need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each operating system. Here we try to explain it at glance. Windows runs on various laptop models. The latest version of this OS is Windows 10. Windows 10 features are helpful to do your daily task. This OS is suitable for business users, students, or researchers. MacOS is the OS for MacBook. Overall, this OS offers similar functions as Windows. The last is Chrome OS. This OS is simple but secure. The UI is also similar to Windows.

  • Determine the Laptop Model.

Some laptops comes in 2in1 model. It means, you can use it as a laptop or tablet. This kind of laptop usually comes in two styles: detachable screen and flexible screen that can bend 360 degrees.

  • Determine the size.

Think about the portability of the laptop you will buy. There are various selections starting from 11 inch up to 18 inch.

  • Select the Specs.

Think about the Hard drive, processors, RAM, as well as the graphic of the laptop you will buy. The type of processor that is usually used by laptop is Intel processor. The suitable RAM for laptop is about 8GB. The display quality is also important. We are not only talking about the screen resolution. You should consider the brightness as well. Other factors you need to consider is graphic chip, touch screen, port, and connectivity.

  • Battery Life.

If you plan to use your laptop to work, at least the battery should have at least 7 hours of endurance. But, if you want to use it to play game, it does not matter to obey the battery issue since you can plug it in.

  • Select based on your budget.

You can have a laptop that only costs under $250. But, if you want to get the better specs and performance, you should spends more budget.

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