What are the New Features of Windows 10

new features on Windows 10
new features on Windows 10

Windows 10 has just been updated last October 2020. After updates, this operating system offers many new features that will make your work easier. You are allowed to customize your PC. Besides, you also can increase PC security. The users of Windows 10 can be more creative too.

So, what new features offered by Windows 10? Check this out.

  • Choose the Color Mode.

You can switch on the light or dark mode. This will make your screen stand out. In order to change the light or dark mode, you can go to Setting > personalization > Colors. Then you can select whether you want Light or Dark Mode for your screen. Not only change the color mode, you also can install Windows 10 Wallpaper Apps to make your screen better.

  • Pin website to taskbar.

You can keep tabs on the website tabs. This feature is useful when you are in a frequently used site. then, you have many tabs to open. You can pin the website to the taskbar.

  • Jump between the webpages.

If you want to jump between the open webpages quickly, you can use the shortcut Alt + Tab.

  • Passwordless device.

You can make your PC more secure by removing your password. You can sign into Windows by using Microsoft account.

  • Magnifier feature.

This feature can magnify the screen. Now, this feature also can read the text aloud for you. You can turn on this feature by pressing Windows > + sign > click on read from here. Then, you can use the mouse pointer to choose where you begin.

  • Make events fast.

You can create any events or reminders easily and quickly. Set the event or reminder on the calendar. Then, you can choose the date and time. After that, you can add any details related to your event.

  • Manage the notification.

You can opt where the notifications will be shown. Besides, you also can sort them. To start managing the notification, you can go to Notification> Manage Notification on your taskbar.

  • Express yourself with emoji.

Now you can add emoji by using your keyboard. To add the emoji, you can press Windows + (.) period. This way, you will be able to open the emoji panel.

  • Bring Microsoft to Android device.

Open Play Store app on Android smartphone. Then type Microsoft launcher and install it> Now, you can have Bing wallpaper that can sync with Office docs, calendar, and many more.

  • Enlarge the text on your screen.

You can make the text on your screen bigger. To try this feature, you can press Start > Setting > Ease of Access > Display. After that you can adjust the size of the text.

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