Windows 10 Features You Must Try

Windows 10 features
Windows 10 features

Microsoft usually updates Windows 10 OS twice a year. The first update is in the spring while another update occurs in autumn. Windows 10 has just been updated on 10 October 2020. So, what new features added to this operating system?

Here we try to conclude some interesting features offered by Windows 10. Check this out.

  • Control your update.

Windows usually install some updates automatically. But, now, you can see a screen which shows the on going updates. To check the updates, you can go to Setting > Update and Security > Windows Update > View optional updates. This way, you can select which update that you will install.

  • New Cortana Experience.

Microsoft offers the new experience in using Cortana. Now, you do not need to speak aloud to use Cortana, simply just type your questions. Then, the history of the conversation appears like a chat window. This features support light or dark mode.

  • Cloud Download option.

This option will appear when you reset the computer into default Windows system. You do not need to install Windows 10 from the local system. Windows is going to downlead the newest version of this OS and install it for you.

  • Passwordless device.

Now, you can make your PC passwordless. To set this feature, you can go to Setting > Account > Sign-in page. This guideline enable you to abolish your password. It will require any person who use your PC to sign in with Windows Hello biometric sign-in such as fingerprint or face recognition.

  • Xbox GameBar.

After the latest updates, Windows 10 has FPS counter on the game bar. To show it up, you can press Windows and G to open Game Bar when you are playing a game. This way, you ill be able to see FPS counter.

  • Rename the virtual desktop.

You can check the virtual desktop by accessing Task View interface. You can press Windows button and Tab. Then, you can rename the virtual desktops. Simply click on the name of the virtual desktop and type its name.

  • Support IP-based camera.

Windows 10 adds the feature that supports network camera. In order to add IP-based camera, you can go to Setting > Device > bluetooth> Add Bluetooth. If there are supported cameras around you, Windows 10 will be able to find it.

  • WordPad and Paint are optional.

Now you can uninstall Paint and Wordpad. This way, you can free up some space in your PC.

Those are some new features of Windows 10. What’s new on Windows update enables you to use your PC more effectively.

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